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Stadt Freilassing

17 Tracks of Railway Charm

Experience the rack railway steam locomotive III No. 719, the steam express locomotive B IX "1000" from Maffei, and the E16, to mention just a few of our treasures.

Enjoy the lovingly restored roundhouse (locomotive shed) and let yourself be carried back in time. For enthusiasts a must and for interested visitors an attraction not to be missed in the Berchtesgadener Land district. All aboard for 150 years of railway history! 

Exhibits in the Freilassing Locomotive World

  • Steam express locomotive Class B IX "1000" Maffei with tender
  • Rack railway steam locomotive III No. 719
  • Rack railway steam locomotive Z3 - Schafberg Railway, Upper Austria
  • Wendelstein mountain railway
  • Electric goods locomotive De 2/2
  • Electric branch line locomotive LAG 1
  • Electric express locomotive E 16 07
  • Electric locomotive E 44 508
  • Electric locomotive E 44 [244 051-9]
  • Electric express locomotive 103 167-3
  • Diesel locomotive V 140 001
  • Driver's cab of the express locomotive S 3/6 
  • "Feldbahn" diesel locomotive with tipper wagon (narrow gauge for quarries, etc.)
  • Magnetic levitation vehicle with linear motor drive (Transrapid concept vehicle)
    • 4th class compartment (1870); 2nd and 3rd class compartments (1920); 1st and 2nd class compartments Deutsche Bahn (1970)
    • Engine of diesel locomotive BR 218
    • Drive axle of an S 3/6 steam express locomotive; wheels of the ICE
    • Track construction exhibits from ROBEL: Tamping machine DUOMATIC 06-32
    • Track construction exhibits from the Deutsches Museum: Grinder type "Elemka" No. 212/359; petrol-driven tamping machine ; power wrench; welding machine; tamping machine KST 95
    • Signal box at the Polling railway station 
    • Mechanical lever frame
    • Signal gantry at the Spaichingen railway station
    • Model of the Freilassing railway depot
    • Model railway
    • LGB Wild West Railroad